ECTRIMS 2014: NEDA is getting more traction

NEDA is here, it here to stay and it is evolving. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“As promised; my platform presentation from yesterday. It is clear that treat-2-target is getting a lot of attention at this meeting as well as end-organ damage. There was a prestentation yesterday by Professor Ludwig Kappos to try and incorporate brain atrophy into the measurement; i.e. NEDA-4. This indicates that NEDA is behaving the way it should an evolving over time.”

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  • This is great information – thank you.

    How different does this look if you monitor NEDA at the person level across the years (i.e. percent continuously NEDA)? Is Tecfidera really completely stopping disease activity in 50% of people or is it just making activity infrequent enough in 100% of people that you only catch it ever 2 years or so?

    Also, isn't ~25% NEDA for a placebo group surprisingly high? My impression was the "benign" MS course was somewhat of a fantasy, but this suggests otherwise.

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