Imperial College MS Study Day 2014

How to treat MS in 2014: treat-2-target and prevent end-organ damage. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“As promised the following is my presentation from yesterday at the Imperial College MS Study Day. My  talk generated a lot of questions about the new treatment paradigm of treating-2-target and preventing end-organ damage in MS. It will be interesting to see of the wider MS community adopt this approach.”

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  • Prof G,

    Thanks. I suspect that the aim of achieving NEDA will soon become the norm. I was pleased to see the addition of new material on your slide – remyelination. This to me is the paradigm shift. We now have highly effective treatments to achieve NEDA which give patients stability (i've had 8 years of stability following participation on an Alemtuzumab trial). The new target must be repair and neuroprotection. Hopefully your presentations will focus more on this in the future as trials begin to report.

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