Next week is Will Week

After many years of procrastinating, I took the plunge and got a will. However, when my father died at an early age, he did not have a will and mum had extra crap to deal with at a time when she had lots of other things to deal with.

It’ll cost you a few quid to get a few bits of paper from a solicitor who has cut and paste a few lines from Macrosoft Will:-).

However its best you think and know where your chattles go and decide what your wishes are. 

This week coming 8-16 September is Leaving a Charity Gift in your Will Week in the UK

There are a number of ways to leave a gift, the most common are:

• Residuary legacy: a percentage of the residue or balance of your Will, paid once all expenses and monies to family and friends have been accounted for

• Pecuniary legacy: a cash gift – any sum of specified money

• Specific legacy: personal or household effects, for example, stocks and shares, jewellery, car, property

• Reversionary legacy (specific, pecuniary or residuary): left firstly to a ‘life tenant’, for example leaving your house to your daughter for her lifetime, thereafter going to others – such as a charity

• Contingent gift: a gift that has certain conditions attached

• Insurance policies and savings: charities can be named as beneficiaries in your life insurance policy

• In-memoriam gift: whilst not a legacy, some supporters have requested that friends and relatives make an ‘in memoriam’ donation to the MS Trust instead of sending flowers and wreaths for a funeral.

Some charities will pick up the tab if you make a donation. Find out more from your preferred charity.

What’s this got to do with research?…This could be the thing can be used to get an researcher involved in MS research……

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  • I've donated my brain to the National's Brain Bank and the portion of my estate that would otherwise go to inheritance tax to MS research/care. Hoping they won't be collecting it for a good few years, mind.

  • Thanks for posting this! It is indeed Remember a Charity week this week. Their website is always helpful for any prospective Will-makers – it contains a lot of very useful information:

    I am always happy to talk to anyone who has any questions about writing or amending a Will. If anyone wants a chat about it during RAC week then, please, do just give me a ring on 020 8438 0974.

    Many thanks,

    Adam West (MS Society)

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