Watch our Burning Debate series from ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS


You can now watch the three Burning Debates that we ran at the ECTRIMS ACTRIMS meeting this week. The videos are stored on the conference website. Thank you to Bruce Bebo from the NMSS and Amy Bowen from The MS Trust for chairing our debates and the speakers for taking part.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to try out new ways of engaging MS researchers into discussions with MSers and we think it is a testament to the organising committee to be so forward thinking to host such innovative (and risky) sessions.

Some of the learnings that we’ve taken away from running these sessions is that social media (twitter and google Hangouts) is an effective way to bring patients questions into the influential meeting yet there is a lack of academics on twitter. There is definitely potential to explore this space.

All in all, we are very proud of the Barts MS Research team and their twitter presence from both sides of the water. If you don’t follow us already we are:


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