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Slides from my Dublin talks last Friday. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“As promised the following are my slides from my visit to Dublin last Friday. The first was a talk on the viral hypothesis of MS at the grand round at the Beaumont Hospital on Friday morning and the second set from my debate against Professor David Bates in the evening on switching to oral therapies. It depends on how you view the results on who won the debate; more people voted for me, but Prof Bates had a larger swing his way. The good thing about the debate is that it allowed a lot of discussion on the topic. As always Dublin was a pleasure to visit, including the new terminal at the airport.”

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  • There is opinion that anti-cd20s could act on ms as anti-ebv agents, ok.
    But anecdotal evidence suggests that MS activity returns back in some months after cessation of anti-CD20 treatment (I believe manufacturer got plenty data on this, as they do not pose it as induction therapy anymore), but this is not the case with anti B/T therapies such as BEAM+ATG and alemz. Is there any explanation?

  • It needs to be urgent that all neurologists know that stress triggers relapses. I am so gutted I had five weeks of severe stress and it has changed by life completely. I am unable to work for being too unwell. Why is no one researching into this? why is it not being taken seriously?

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