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It seems that scientists are pretty rubbish in describing their work in language that the average person can read.

So some are turning to the use of Emoji and using Emoticons to get across their message. 

These are characters like the smiley face and people are using them to replace big words like “mouse” with pictures of mice. There is a even a Emoji Dictionary.

Should we change the blog…What do you think?

However, one reason that English is a good science language….(a) Many people round the world speak it and (b) it has lots of words to describe things…unlike the Emoji Dictionary.

I think it is better to treat people like adults 🙂

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  • Oh MD, I so agree with you. In marketing terms, this means emoji's are now reaching the main stream in the bigger technology adoption cycle, though in terms of science this will be seen as possibly still at early adopter phase. It's also to me a dumbing down of information, that is part of a bigger trend within western culture. I could write much more on what this represents but its too disheartening for me. I guess as more Gen Y are starting their 'ms journey, we can expect to see more of this kind of thing. boo hoo

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