Migration shows early encounter with risk factor

ProfG made a post about the output of school kids and found that they seem to have a reduced output compared to non-Msers.

Yes this is depressing, but the other part of the MS jigsaw is  if you look at the at who have were born in a low-risk area and moved to a high risk area like the UK. The answer appears to be move before 15 and you take the risk of birth place. Understanding MS means explaining the observations of MS.

This says we encounter the risk factor many years before MS is diagnosed

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  • So to brainstorm, what events occur around age 15 (whether studied or not) – that existed historically but could be increasing –

    – puberty-related hormonal changes
    – reduced Vit D due to less time outside – no more recess/gym class in school (at least in the US!), first jobs after school, indoor high school sports, etc.
    – first sexual activity
    – changes in diet (buying crap snacks as a teenager versus 3 squares with your mom cooking, etc.)
    – access to own money carrying around something communicable (first allowance?)

    Some of these are more far fetched than others, but what might it be?

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