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Someone made a Complaint that I was a “Joker”. I wonder why you would think that?  🙂

P.S. You have freedoms to make comments but not to Insult. 

You may or may not like our styles or contents of the posts. If you no likey….no readie 🙂

So some don’t like “The Joker” They prefer Groucho Marx

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  • Mouse,

    My post was in jest – not meant to insult anyone. However, I do find your white knight posts annoying. If only you could give us a hint of what they are about. And I do worry that with Prof G away you may spend too long in the Crown and Anchor. But, for the record, you're not a bad guy.

    • I dumped your previous post in a moment of madness. My apologies.
      Re the White Knights posts, they are deliberately enigmatic but you can be assured that as soon as there is a development that can be announced you will be the first to hear about it, hopefully very soon.

    • What's the point of the enigmatic posts!?!

      Do the White Knight posts contain coded messages for … no idea for who!

      Who or What are they for if they aren't for us??

      Is it some sort of morale booster for your team?

    • The white knight posts are for the readers of the blog. There is a specific point to them and they will annoy you for sometime to come…sorry. They say every thing they need to say and can be interpreted when you have the enigma code…or is it the MD code..

    • p.s. I do not know where the crown and anchor is Our local is ….and contuary to the thought that the mice will play when the boss is away, it is the opposite as there is more to do to keep things running smoothly..

      Having got to bed at 5.30am yesterday morning after a 21hour day to have to get up to go of work at 7.00am for an 8.00am start is not my idea of drinks down the boozer:-)

      Likewise to meet ProfG at 8.00am after he has been travelling a few thousand miles from 2.00am is not also a bed of roses.

    • It's like reading a bad Dan Brown novel but at least he 'signposts' clues but your 'white knight' posts mean bu£ger all to me! So I just ignore them!

    • For 'readers of the blog' … The rest of us are readers too! How do we join the privileged club of readers who have the code?

    • I'll stick with Groucho Marx on what he thought about clubs, thank you. MS is bad enough without puzzling out 'secret squirrel', or maybe that should be secret mouse, posts:)

  • I find most of MD's posts to be relevant and informative (even if a lot of the 'science stuff' goes over my head), but the Black Swan posts do my head in!

    I understand the concept of the Black Swan theory, but for those of us with MS, coping with the bloody disease, dealing with all the baggage that comes with it and having to accept the limitations of available treatment, in addition to NICE further limiting things, life is frustrating enough, without those bloody enigmatic posts! If you're excited by a line of research or optimistic about something, then just say so. We know that there will be times when you are not willing or allowed to give details and we do appreciate that your work is relevant to another swan analogy, as you are the legs and feet that paddle frantically below the surface, but please stop posting things that you know are irritating to those of us who are suffering.

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