Alemtuzumab CARE extension data. Meeting Report

Extension study (year 3 & 4) data of CARE I & II Alemtuzumab trials are being presented by Dr. Selmaj 

(a) About 20% pwMS needed retreatment for year 3…..i.e. 
80% no need for further treatment
(b) About 10% needed retreatment for year 4
(c) Low Relapse rate maintained
(d) Stable or improved EDSS over baseline
(e) Slowing of brain atrophy to normal level
(f) Incidence of secondary autoimmunities increased

CoI;TeamG have received support from Genzyme

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  • They really have let you out (minus the silly pony tail and earrings I hope). Prof G is watching Loose Women or Cash in the Attic), you are living the high life in Germany, and MD 2 is left to dissect some innocent shiverer rat. No wonder MS research is so slow.

    • I have revived this comment from the bin

      You cant blame us for the speed of MS research.

      P.S. You need to get over your predudice about how people look.

  • It looks like the most effective drug we have, but comes with a significant warning about side effects and monitoring. I would be interested to know, in light of the recent lymphopaenia-PML-Tecfidera case, who should take responsibility for monitoring for the autoimmune side effects; the MSer, GP or MS-team?

  • Where are the data? These are just subjective conclusions. If i'm not mistaken,the raw data of trials are never disclosed.

  • Franky, I don't care who monitors – at best both, doc and MSer – main thing it is monitored soundly.

    Also, I would like to know if in the whole Alem cohort there had been people with pre-existing autoimmune diseases who went on Alem and what happened to them? Did they get additional autoimmune problems or did the old ones get worse? How many deaths so far?

    And, is it right to assume that because Alem seems to normalise brain atrophy it could be useful in later stages of Ms also?

  • I monitor my own labs post Lemtrada treatment. If you want to see what mine are from baseline to 7 months out they are posted on an informational blog from a Lemtrada patient's perspective- I think all patients should monitor their labs, especially if they see multiple providers. Knowing and understanding your own health is vital to staying healthy!

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