John O’Groat’s to Land’s End – Day 3 + 4

350 miles from John O’Groats

Apologies for no update yesterday… I was too busy cowering by a fire all evening trying to dry out.

It is alleged that Lance Armstrong lied about his doping for years during his cycling career… As this is all for charity, I feel I should come clean from the start – day 3 was the start of my cycle doping…

My knees are now entirely dicofenac dependent.

At least the weather improved for day 4:

Scottish Borders, south of Glasgow.

England tomorrow!

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  • Take care of you knees.. they are hard to repair. Adequate hydration, knee warmers when below +10C, etc. Though sure you know better then me 🙂

    • Thank you vasy! Sound advice. I've also played about with my seat height a bit – seems to have improved the knees a little.

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