LACTRIMS presentation on teriflunomide and alemtuzumab

Questions to ask yourself when interpreting the alemtuzumab phase 3 trial data. #LACTRIMS #MSBlog #MSResearch

“As promised are the slides from the Genzyme symposium presented yesterday at LACTRIMS. The presentations were very data heavy and to help the attendees digest the data in their own time my co-presenter Professor Flavia Nelson has agreed for her slides to be uploaded with mine; thank you.”

“To make a data heavy alemtuzumab presentation clinically relevant I tried to present the data in the context of the following questions:

  1. How early is early?
  2. What about the patient wanting to have children?
  3. Is it realistic to expect improvement in disability?
  4. How durable is the treatment response to alemtuzumab?
  5. Do you tell your patients about brain atrophy (end-organ damage)?
  6. Can you de-risk alemtuzumab treatment; how to deal with infusion reactions, infections and secondary autoimmunity?
It is reassuring to note that most LATAM neurologists have, or soon will have, access to alemtuzumab to treat their patients.”

“I would like to thank my Peruvian hosts;  such hospitable people with a truly amazing history and culture.”

CoI: multiple; attendance at LACTRIMS sponsored by Genzyme.

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