The 6th International Congress of the Lebanese Society of Neurology

My presentations from the Lebanese Society of Neurology meeting in Beirut. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank my hosts in Lebanon for their kind invitation to speak at their congress and for their wonderful hospitality. As promised the following are my two presentations from the meeting.”

“In my first talk on secondary progressive MS I presented my theory of MS being a central length-dependent axonopathy, which underpins my observations of therapeutic lag and supports the follow-on hypothesis that clinically apparent progressive MS is asynchronous in that it affects different functional systems at different rates. If I can prove the latter it opens up a new paradigm for designing clinically trials for progressive MS and explains why so many trial in progressive MS in the past have been negative.”

“My second talk is based on one I originally gave at ECTRIMS 2013 about redefining MS as a dementia to focus neurologists on gray matter disease, brain volume loss and its effects on cognition. I end by suggesting that we need to go beyond NEDA and focus on trying to prevent end-organ damage in MS.”

CoI: multiple (see slide 2 in both presentations)

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