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Whilst I do not normally post about my travels, occasionally we are let out, not en masse, because some one gets the short straw and has to man the fort and check the beasties.  

Occasionally we are get to go to a science meeting and unlike our clinical colleges……there are no coaches to take us from the airport or hotel the few blocks to a meeting venue and no footsteps to guide you from public transport. You just need a map and a pair of eyes. Likewise, there is no corporate hospitality, no special VIP rooms, you pay for your lunch and there is essentially no free ride….because the companies are low key and there is no/little excess money in the system. 

Whilst these type of meetings are where the inventors of their next drugs congregate, we are not all prescribers and the money makers and so these meeting get relatively-frugal sponsorship in comparison to clinical meetings, at least by some MS pharma. However, this sponsorship is vital for the meetings and it allows us to indulge ourselves in International Science. 

Probably will get bashed by some people who do not like MD posts…however be warned we will get the last laugh/word!

However, I sure we will enjoy a Stein or Two, a few Frankfurters and get some new ideas. Prima!

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  • So Prof G has been on his extended holiday (sorry, sabbatical) for a little over a month and Mouse Doctor has muscled his way on to the gravy train of MS research i.e. foreign jollies. I support with GG away, Mouse doesn't need any approval to get out of the lab. More importantly, Prof G isn't there to grab the invite as it come through the mail box. I would love a graphic showing the air miles covered by Prof G each year to attend MS events – he had single handedly rasied the average temperature of our oceans by 1 C. Enjoy it while you can Mouse Dr. But don't try to convince us that any good comes out of these trips. You have 4.5 months to fill your boots before Prof G (Alan Whicker of MS) returns to reclaim his throne and all the international jolliies that come with it.

    • I have removed this from the spam bin where it belongs just so i can respond. I am attending a scientific meeting so i can learn. I have paid for my flight and accomodation i pay for my meals and subsistence and generally dont get reimbursed for it I dont get paid to attend these meetings Will i be let out again maybe and maybe i get invited because i have something to contribute.

    • Ps if you think traveling is about filling boots you are wrong too. You do ProfG a disservice and an injustice.

  • "….because some one gets the short straw and has to man the fort and check the beasties."
    That'll be me then. Hope the rest of the team enjoy a well-deserved jolly and hopefully some interesting presentations, though as stated the level of hospitality etc pales into insignificance compared to our clinical colleagues. Sigh……………………

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