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So on our journey to drug development we have sailed through animal toxicology testing and we are ready to move towards human testing.

So we need to get clinical experts to oversee the project, so we need Chief Medical Officers who as responsible for the clinical work.

So easy work if you can get it if every thing goes well…a bit like it is easy to be a pilot if it all goes well but if it doesn’t they earn their keep.  So you have experts that can see through phase I and others that are good for phase II and beyond. 

However, I bet to be a CMO is one of the most rewarding jobs in the World. Why, because if you get to supervise work that is going to lead to the next useful treatment for people with diseases, what can be be better as  job?

As a scientist you dream of developing something that is useful for humanity but to do this as your day job must be really satisfying.

We had a medic from pharma commenting on the blog about their job and how brilliant it was. They kept themselves in the real work and saw patients as well.   

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