Education. The only thing that is black and white in MS is your MRI Image

              I took this title line from an MSer, I met Yesterday
                                   What do MRI Images mean?

T1 on left and T2 on the right.
       The brain fluid is black in T1 and are white in a T2 image

Someone from TeamG will be explaining this at the Research Day                          

                          Can you spot MS in these scans (below)

The are a number of non-standard imaging techniques that can give extra information, one is called diffusion (tensor) imaging. It can detected water molecules that are restricted in their movement into certain planes suggesting they are trapped with axons and so this technique measures axonal tracts seen in there healthy brains below.

Through performing numerous scans at different levels of the brain,you can build up a picture of nerve tracts.

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  • Ok probably a daft question but on the 'healthy' brain there are a a few tiny white dots around the edges, the larger white ones at the bottom are then similar to the ones at the bottom on the MS brain. When I say bottom, I mean the way the images are facing. Why is this and does it mean anything for the 'healthy' brain?

    • no good point. I would neex to k ow more about the perso. imaged but it iz not unusual for anyone over forty to have spots on their brains

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