2015 is going to be Investigator Led Trial Year for TeamG
In addition to our Pharma studies,

Our optic neuritis trial with UCLP will report. Will we see the light or will it be S***e?

Will INSPIRE inspire or expire? The first Charcot Project will report.

Our PROXIMUS trial of a neuroprotectant is up and running, a positive with optic neuritis trial and we can be hopeful.

We will start, and maybe finish, our symptom control trial

Then there are others too, especially if they get funded

We hope for success, but have to accept the possibility of failure, but if you do not try there will never be change.

ProfG may make some predictions…I prefer to wait and see what happens, less agro that way

And ooops maybe this what I mean 

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  • Looks like your graphic is on Pacific Standard Time yet. Happy New Year and much success for 2015 to you Mouse!

  • Thanks MouseDoctor – please do your best with Prof G and MD2 to help us… a lot of us are placing our hopes and dreams in your hands.

    Happy New Year – all the best and most importantly, good health.

  • Here's a resolution for you: Please don't make any predictions! This blog frigging well jinxes every potential hope out there. YOU LOT ARE BAD LUCK!

    • Oh this made me laugh for the first time in days. And before anyone sees this as an attack on this blog, it's just a funny observation!

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