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“Thank you for engaging with the our tentative exploration into the Crowdfunding space. It looks as if the Charcot Project has the most support. As this initiative is to enable a second phase 2 trial targeting both EBV and HERVs (human endogenous retroviruses) in MS we have made a start on preliminary trial design. As you can see there are many questions that need answering and we would like your input to answer them. Please note this study is simply being done to provide necessary pilot data so that we can make the case to a traditional funding agency of the need to do the trial. The purpose of this study is to explore whether or not our candidate drugs do what the meant to do to on the target viruses in MSers and to show that there are no major safety issues. Thoughts please?”

“The survey is still open; we need more responses in relation to the type of funding model. Please note although we are going with the Charcot Project we have not given up on the HSCT vs. Alemtuzumab or ZEUS study. For the latter to happen we need to involve a large number of other people. We have already started bringing people together to test  the waters and appetite for the ZEUS study.”

“This remains a community project so please feel free to comment. Thank you.”

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  • How much will this cost prof G? Can you please get prof gold to post/provide a video on here. It is his baby and it would be great to hear is thoughts to encourage us to donate

    • We will not be fund raising ourselves; it is against the principles of this blog. We are, however, currently discussing partnering with a crowd-funding company.

  • I'm happy to back the Charcot project though would love to see ZEUS get off the ground. Would be nice to see charities start to take an interest in HSCT and offer some backing too. I voted against the all or nothing approach but feel donors should have the final say where the money goes.

  • Do you have to use a 75% / 25% split of the drugs v. placebo?
    We know (on average) what the placebo effect should be, so could the placebo group, Cohort 1, be just 10% of the total sample?
    If the trial works, can the unlucky 10% then be given the drugs that are most effective, and compare the drug run with their previous dummy run?

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