Fifty shades of green. The Great Bear Woke Up to the Blog

The shade of green indicates the number of views of the blog. Usually our largest number of viewers at the moment come from: 1.USA, 2. UK, 3. Germany as occurred this week. 

Two weeks ago it seemed to be HSCT week and mention salesmen and stem cells and it is interesting to see which countries light up, compared to this week. Russia and Ukraine took an interest in us, better this happens than them killing each other.

Maybe the stem cell sales men were writing the comments…..bear this in mind when reading them.

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    • That Dr Dre trailer looks magnificent. Gonna be huge.

      We're honoured that Dre takes the time to come here and comment whilst also making big Hollywood movie. Great trailer, by the way.

    • Oh my gosh! Those actors look like the artists so much it's uncanny. Crazy.

      Hope Dre isn't getting too big for this blog.

  • Here's an alternative (less conspiracy) theory…!

    The countries which light up on your map are generally the countries where patients are being treated with HSCT for MS – on trial or privately…

    UK, US, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain…

    In those centres, you got patients with a month or so of hospitalisation, with nothing to do but surf the net.

    And, at the time, googling hsct pulled you up on the first page of google.

    Myth debunked…!

    For context, how many page views were you seeing from these countries?

    Ukraine is a mystery though..!

    • I've noticed that hits from Ukraine have been pretty consistent for the past 6 months or so, seems to have coincided with the confrontation with Russian backed forces in the east of the country. Though why they should be visiting the blog, I don't know?!

  • I use a satellite dish for internet access in that deepest, darkest part of the countryside that is a few miles outside Newbury and my IP address is in Russia.

  • None of my comments ever get published so I will try one more time.
    My IP address using a satellite internet connection just outside Newbury is Russia. So if you are using IP addresses you may be getting incorrect data.

  • Well, the internet providing company, Avonline can't understand the IP address either and they set up the satellite. I think it's safe to say the Russians are spying on everyone!

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