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Six inspirational but everyday heroes and heroines have been confirmed to take part in BBC One’s The People’s Strictly for Comic Relief and fulfil every Strictly fan’s dream.

Whilst we should remain impartial…sod it..Come On Trishna!

For a Non-British Audience how do you describe Peoples Strictly

Well it is a twist of a television light entertainment show called Strictly Come Dancing (Click HERE), where they pair a celebrity with a professional dancer to make a fool of themselves for the joy of the British Public. Doing the Jive, Cha, Cha Cha, Tango etc.  This is a throw back of a (truely awful-from a personal perspective..but my hips don’t move:-) programme called Come Dancing (Click Here), which was a Ballroom Dancing Competition, with a twist from a film on dancing called Strictly Ballroom. 

However as this idea has been spun out to 40 countries you may know it by another name such as “Dancing with Stars”. 

So it is with People  Strictly….but the stars are not celebrities, the stars who have done something for the community. Out of thousands of applicants 6 people have been selected.:

  • Philip Barnett from Cornwall, who founded a children’s theatre charity in 1994 and has since raised over £2 million and staged over 70 shows.
  • Trishna Bharadia from Buckinghamshire, who is living with MS and works hard to raise awareness around the condition.
  • Anna Kennedy OBE from Middlesex, who set up the largest school for autism in the UK after her own autistic sons were turned away from mainstream education.
  • Cassidy Little, originally from Canada but now lives in Peterborough. Cassidy was serving in Afghanistan as a medic for the Royal Marines when he was severely injured, losing the lower half of his leg in an explosion. His positivity has helped several of his colleagues through their time in rehab.
  • Heather Parsons from Hampshire, who set up her own charity to support intensive care patients and their families, following her own near-death experience in intensive care.
  • Michael Pattie from Dumfries, who has raised over £300,000 for meningitis charities, after losing his son to the disease

Each contestant has been paired with a professional dancer from the Strictly Come Dancing family. They have spent five weeks being immersed in the Strictly experience, as they prepare to become the new stars of the ballroom.

Pronounced AlyArge SkorYanEtz (E as e in Jet. tz as tz in Tzar)
Govorim malo Slovensko  

The series will consist of four pre-recorded programmes, and the first two heart-warming episodes (Screened 25th February and 4th March) will introduce the contestants as they get the surprise of their lives and discover that they are about to embark on an incredible Strictly journey.

The third episode (5th march) will continue to follow their training and preparation as they get ready for their ballroom debut in front of the nation.

Episode four (11th March) will see all six contestants compete on the famous Strictly Come Dancing ballroom, as they vie for the judges’ scores and viewers’ votes. The judges’ scores will be for guidance only, and the public will have the deciding vote.

The Training is gruelling and fingers crossed the Fatigue and Stress won’t kick-in too much. I understand the Beeb has been very understanding

Voting lines will open once all couples have danced and the winner of the public vote will then be crowned The People’s Strictly champion as part of the live Comic Relief show on BBC One on Friday 13 March 2015.

Comic Relief is an operating British charity, founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia.The highlight of Comic Relief’s appeal is Red Nose Day, a biennial telethon held in March, alternating with sister project Sport Relief. This fund projects in the UK and in many other parts of the world.

Whilst all the contestants deserve heaps of praise, lets get behind Trishna our Expert MSer, who is part of TeamG. 

Everyone besides ProfG had never Blogged and to be honest we had not even looked at ProfGs handy work.(Remember he used to post about once in a blue moon). However, Alison (Our Designer PhDer) & Becky (from Shift MS) dragged the Team into the Social Media world of the Twenty first century. Trishna and her Mum were judges of our presenting skills and helped us with our public engagement activities. Can you remember our Question Time? 

Trishna contributes to TeamG activities including being one of our Expert MSers, who is embedded in our teaching, clinical and research activities. She also runs Asian MS, which is associated with the MS Society

You can watch starting Today BBC1 (British Broadcasting Corporation) at 21.00 and who knows who else you may see:-).

Please remember to Vote, it’s for a number of good causes.

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