Programme for the 6th MS Research Day


We’re looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you on Saturday the 21st March at our MS Research Day. Tickets have now sold out!

We’ve put this programme together from previous years feedback and developed the logistics of the day with the MSers who are part of the Barts MS Advisory Group.

There are two new features this year:

  1. The first is a talk in the morning which will cover the basics of MS Research for people new to it. If people don’t want to listen to this, the other two rooms will be open for you to meet the team and have a coffee while this is going on. The official welcome will then begin at 10.30am with everyone.
  2. There will be 6 talks lasting 10-15 mins each, followed by 5-10 mins of Q&A from the floor, followed by 10 mins table discussions. Everyone will be seated around large round tables consisting of 1 MS clinician or researcher and 10 MSers and their families. To start the table discussion, the MS clinician or researcher will deliver a 3 minute ‘elevator pitch’ style short, clear description about their research to their table. After the 10 minute discussion, the researcher will move to another table ready for the next talk. This will happen 6 times so you will get the chance to hear 6 pitches.

As always we want to give you access to as many researchers and research topics as possible. If your not able to attend, we will be filming all the talks and putting them online in the weeks after.

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  • Can you please include the questions and answers after each talk in the videos – often interesting questions are posed!

    • Whilst Prof Gold may be 25 carrots, unfortunately the Gs have not got their Inspire trial analysed and so there is nothing to talk,unless you want to hear about plans for Charcot 2. This would be just pipedream until it is funded about and so in the interests of keeping to time 🙂 I think Klausy will be just great. However ProfG down under will be their so you can ask him how things are going

  • who is arie gafson? i can't see that he has published much to be talking about statistics. can we please have prof gold talk….good avenue to talk about crowdfunding his studies!!

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