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6th BARTS-MS Research Day Slides. #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The following are the slides from the 6th Barts-MS Research Day talks. I hope the talks are understandable. Most of the interesting discussions happened on the  table between attendees and the researchers. We would also appreciate it of you could complete the feedback survey. Thanks.”

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  • Was the lack of turnout for this year's MS Research Day perhaps due to the fact MSers are losing faith in research? Was it a protest action? Is it because of the reality that things for a vast proportion of MSers remains bleak and continuously worsening?

    • So the only comment we have for the day was doom and gloom:-)

      Lack of turnout…..I think the tables were pretty full from what I could see, were you there?

      There were 26 tables with a researcher on each who rotated from one table to the next 6 times. If not anyone who came maybe one could enlighten if the room was empty.

  • Enjoyed the slide shows greatly. Understanding statistics and other lies (stats misused or misunderstood) was my fav! Seriously, Arie Gafson helped inform treatment decisions by illustrating the difference between relative risk and absolute risk. His presentation shed new light on treatment efficacy for me. Thank you, Arie.

    Overall, I thank the collection of researchers who endeavored to put their cookies on the lower shelf so we all could reach them. Smashing success. Thanks to all of you on behalf of a bunch whose lives are improved by your work. You are very much appreciated.

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