Research Day DrBenn Future Treatments…Its not all DMTs

To the First Talk was about treatments that may be round the corner

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  • DrBenn was trying to get scientitsts to to talk about Tregs because dogma says blockade of IL-2 will get rid Treg (regulatory T cells) cells which should stop autoimmunity from developing and so MS should get worse. However the MS does get not worse and it gets better. So what does that say about T regs…They are a load of nonsense.

    However, a simple answer could be you are getting rid of activated T cells which cause MS and this is why dacluzimab was first trialled so you got what it said on the tin. Then you could say that Treg cells are not that important once you have generated an immune response as it makes sense to have a mechanism to stop an unwanted weak immune response that (accidentally) escapes the
    depletion mechanisms that occur but not to stop it one once it has been generated. This is because the immune response has been generated to give you life-long protection from infections etc. Therefore the importance of T regs is to stop autoimmunity from forming rather than not stop immune responses once they have formed. As such one of the side effects of daclizumab is indeed the development of autoimmunities So this fits with a logical idea quite well. Does this happen in mice, well as ever the experiments to disprove the idea are generally not done as one is usually concerned with stopping the immune response from starting however, it should be noted that humans and guinea pigs have T cell responses for life, rodents such as mice do not so their Tregs may be different.

    • Dr Benn Briefly presented some headline results from recent HSCT trials and it is clear this approach can be very effective at stopping the relapse rate.

      He made the point that this type of stem cell trial is not about repairing myelin and nerves, but it is an immunotherapy. He took the decision to indicate that it is not yet recommended for people with progressive MS. This is an experimental procedure and whilst there is a logic on how it works for relapsing disease there are reasons why it may not work for progressive MS and so we do not endorse it at present.

      The people doing these studies are often fee for service and we do not recommend this until there are proper trials. In the trials it was evident that people who were progressive did not respond as well as people who were relapsing remitting and people of long-duration do less well than people of shorter disease duration.

      We cannot say it does not work for people with progressive MS, as it is clear that some people can benefit if they have evidence of active disease and so some benefit is claimed in some studies. The procedure used to carry significant risks which thankfully is being reduced and likewise it is not infallible and people can and do progress after this treatment and there may be current treatments available that have some efficacy but substantially reduced side effects

  • I've had MS for so long I've seen the magical treatments and miracle cures come and go. My friend and I chuckle when we discuss some of the outrageous things that make the national newspapers. If HSCT is found not to be the miracle people posting on this blog will complain that they had this procedure and no one warned them. They can't win. I didn't have access to an MS specialist nurse until 3 years ago. I was shocked at her knowledge of how it affected my daily life without me telling her. I think we do the medical profession disservice implying they do not know what we're going through.

  • I don't think that we're doing anyone weong
    But let's be honest unless you have it
    You have no idea what it's like to look at your family and know that you can't be who they need
    And see your friends carrying on enjoying life when yours is getting smaller and smaller
    I will try anything to stop it and if it means taking educated guesses then so be it
    I think when discussing treatments it should be based on fact
    And the fact is that in many cases progressive Ms early young age and low edss reacts in someway to hsct

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