Research Day ProfB talks about the Drug Development Process

Why are things so slow in being delivered as a treatment. Its not our fault and what’s a White Knight 

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  • Dr. G, your last statement regarding a partnership between academia and pharma was an important point. But what if academia identifies a potential candidate but pharma does not choose to proceed with clinical trials due to lack of return on investment?

    • At the moment there are no problems doing clinical trials without pharma as long as they can be done cheaply, but taking it further after a phase II trial and especially after the phase III then at the moment it doesn't happen. It costs too much. Simvastatin is a good example the phase II was done in 2012-2013 and it is two years on and even if a phase iii is done then what. It is such a shame that the Johnathan Evans bill died because this would have made the machinery or this process to happen.

      There needs to be some alternative for this to happen so the powers that be, need to think how this is done otherwise the Progressive MS Alliance may struggle to deliver what it wants to deliver.

  • Thank you for posting. I didn't realise quite how long the process was and that it has to be done twice over. Is it the same process for the rest of the world? I understand it needs to be proven safe and effective but wondered if other country's do things differently to the UK.

  • Does anybody know about a current trial for ms drugs? I just need to stop the fatigue! I'll be happy with just that. I'm so tired I don't want to live anymore and I don't want to feel like that.

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