Thank you for Nominating Us

Thanks you so much, we were not expecting this but we are so happy that one of you (?) nominated us for the MS Society’s “Researchers of the Year 2015”.

What an Honour! 

This is extra special after some of you, said that you wouldn’t do it if we didn’t spill the beans.  Just goes to show that most of you aren’t trolls:-)

We are looking forward to meeting you at the the Awards, as we assume that you will get an invite for doing the nomination. Hope they pay the train fare down from Leicester!.  

Yep, we do know who you are, as the MS Society informed us about how supportive you were on Twitter:-(. We’ve been following you for some time now and we even bought ProfG, one of your records after that nice Newsletter that you wrote about us:-(.

We got the citation yesterday thanking us for our service to MS and our research excellence for finding new treatments .  

MD2 was so excited that she ran out an bought a new posh frock for the party, as she is looking forward to meeting the celebs

 Yep MD2 is not really a  Guy
called Gareth. She and we have been 
spinning the myth for some time.
MD2 is called ********

We’ll be posting Pics of the Bash

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  • Mouse,

    Your April Fool didn't work with me. MD2 is Welsh and is called Gareth (poor soul on both counts). I'm off on holiday today to get some Vit D and when I return in mid-April will be checking this blog for the beans which never come (although you mice doctors do produce a lot of flatulence). My researcher of the year nomination will go to the brilliant Dr Coles. What a guy. You might want to meet with him to find out how to translate mouse research into human treatments. Enjoy the rest of your April Fools day. I thought of Prof G yesterday when a 70s song (Big Mouse was in his 30s then) came on the radio. Can't remember the name of the song but had the great line 'clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right' – Prof G must know this feeling well. A better April Fool would be the story 'Prof G in the UK working hard in the lab', but most readers would have spotted this straight away. While I'm on my hols, please feed your mice some Easter Egg Chocolate. Perhaps on Easter Sunday the doors of your lab will open and you will appear as the saviour of MS research. As walk among us mortals, please spill the beans. Have a good Easter Break mouse doctors – ggfggygg ggyfff (Welsh for Happy Easter). I don't speak Yorkshire or Afrikaans – I'll watch the Lion King for the latter.

    • Yes please nominate Prof Coles..I did a few years ago believe it or not. We have met on the odd few occasions

      Maybe your thinking about Steelers wheel "stuck in the middle with you" although I guess you would rather not and yes I was thinking about ProfG the other day too…enjoy your holidays:-)

    • FYI. Yep Check todays date 😉
      You have asking people attending the research day to find out what sex MD2 was. So you started it!

      We actually can confirm that MD2, is in fact a welsh MALE and has never been seen in any frocks;-)
      Our number one fan:-) from Leicester, has blocked our twitter account. Yikes

  • At least MD resisted the temptation to post a piece saying there was definitive proof that CCSVI was real. 😉

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