Animal models are just that…models. Used wisely they can inform

Some of you said in comments yesterday tha this involves vitaminD/UVB; Epstein Barr virus, cats & dogs etc etc and smoking, which are not part of EAE. In EAE the assumption is that we do not model the cause but you are looking at pathological pathways. Once you identify a problem you can however model it

Could you make rats and mice smoke… is not the point…however to blame animals for the lack of progress in MS is an opinion, but not a very good one in my opinion. There are far better things to point the finger at.

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  • Mouse,

    I don't blame animals, I blame (i) the clown/s who dreamt uo EAE and (ii) the jokers who persist with this rubbish model. If it was any good we'd be nearer to a cure. Why didn't EAE pick up the PML risk with Tysabri? The cure won't come from EAE. You are not going to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. PS you're nice guys, just working with a poor model.

    • It is not a poor model it can be an exceĺent model if used wisely.
      Animals are from breeders that nowcensure their animals are virus free. Immunosupress and them it theyn have a virus andvyou have problems.

      We can cure animals of their autoimmunity

    • The EAE model has limitations, and it is not particularly useful for examining the issue of opportunistic infections, especially when the microbe in question has a species barrier.
      Steinman and Zamvil 2006

    • Well obviously as we have said till we're blue in the face EAE isn't a perfect model of MS but (and particularly our model and how you do realistic experiments) it can be excellent if used wisely. Sadly a lot don't.

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