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The Blog and Clinic Speak has been in the media again…best MS Blog site now this!

What next?..lets hope a grant & a paper.

Anyway well done to ProfG and Alison for getting Clinic Speak off the ground and getting a mention. The Clinic Speak website will host ProfGs ClinicSpeak posts, which may have some practical insight. These posts generally get the most page views of the posts we make….except my post on cats protecting against MS….30,000 views in 6 months and rising:-)

It was said:

Researchers from the Blizard Institute, of the Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, are working on a curated information resource for people with MS named Clinic Speak. The project is still on its very beginnings, but it shows great potential. We talked to designer and researcher of the project Alison Thomson (@somehow_related), so she could explain to us what makes Clinic Speak special, which is above all else that it’s part of an “open design process. We ask at every stage if its working, test it very quickly and make sure that people can use it.”

They’d rather take a little time and do it with the patients, as well as for them, than launch something that doesn’t have any added value.Clinic Speak originated from BartsMS Blog, a research blog that, for once, is targeted to patients and family members. It’s led by the same team-with Professor Giovannoni as the person in charge-and it seeks to decipher trials, studies and scientific research for patients of MW, so they can profit from them. After the success of the blog, they decided to create the portal. All of Clinic Speak’s contents are original, and it includes “all the clinical relevant information originally created through the blog.”They have no plans of releasing an app, but the website is right now very responsive, so “it works for everyone, you can see it in your computer, mobile or tablet.”

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  • It might not be headed as a ClinicSpeak article but absolutely the What's An MRI Education posting of the 10th Jan 2015 should get linked to the new site – it's one of the most useful postings on the whole of the Barts Blog

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