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Beyond NEDA targeting brain health in MS. #MSResearch #MSBlog

“As promised to the delegates at the meeting I attended in Oslo last week; the following is my presentation. You are welcome to download and use the slides. You may be interested to hear that I am currently chairing a policy initiative around some of the issues in this presentation. The purpose of the policy document is shift the focus to brain health in MS. Hopefully, by shifting attention away from what we can measure to the hidden pathology we will move the field to beyond treat-2-target of NEDA-3 and get the community to focus on neuroprotection. The policy document will be launched sometime before ECTRIMS.”

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  • Would it be fair to say that Alemtuzumab is the only (or most efficient) of the current DMT's at reducing the loss of brain volume over 3 years, and also has the highest rate of NEDA patients at 3 years? So it tickets both 2 & 3 above?

  • Hello
    I understand the ABN have published new guidelines re early treatment – brilliant news!!
    Worthy of a post of its own maybe? I'd love to know what the changes are and what they mean.

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