Head of NICE on the Radio


                     Head of NICE on PM 
                (BBC Radio 4 about 5:35)
          Sorry to Say Don’t waste your Time 
                       it’s a MS-free Zone

                 It sounds like a stuck record
                   The Question to Pharma
How Do You Come Up with Cost of Drugs?

 This is a waste of time 
as its a Rhetorical Question. 
We know the Answer
It’s what the (US) Market will Pay
Didn’t hear my or your Questions
So no news of The White Knights Tale

We have a Three Tier Health System
   Private Outside NHS
   Private inside NHS
    Public inside NHS

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  • Oh well, it was disappointing but sometimes you have to lose battles to win the war. Or something like that … Thank you for being on the side of people with MS x

    • It was interesting to me that often the real answers were avoided like a politician…..I suspect that is why some of our questions ell on deaf ears because they don't know the answers

    • Hmm, I expect in this case, it's more than one factor. Anyone in a job like Dillon will always act like a politician. He's part of the establishment, had the same training and you don't get into jobs like his without learning to negotiate and slip through the cracks without political nouse. The mainstream media is increasingly blinkered, and l'agenda de jour is cancer. It is something that touches most peoples lives and the cancer charities are very media-savvy. I expect Dillon's pr team spoke to PM researchers, who also spoke to pr people at one if not more of the major cancer charities, as well as taking their cues from the producers. Sadly that's the way of the world and MS is still far down the agenda for many reasons (too many to go into here). When I meet with you, maybe we can discuss this as it also affects the crowd funding project. Anyway in the words of Winston Churchill, you've got to 'keep buggering on', though I prefer Scarlet 'OHara 'tomorrow is another day' 😉

    • Tier A. The Haves- who do private and pay for the health care and the drugs
      Tier B. The Have nots-who get what they are given by the NHS
      Tier C. The inbetweeners. Those that pay to get their drugs (because the NHS can't afford them) but then have them administered and monitored by the NHS

      However I predict we will have Have Nots who get access to treatment or those that don't get access to treatment because their NHS trusts are up the spout.

  • wonder if he is one of those people who can breath through his ears…..Theses peoplejust keep talking and don't have to take a breath just in case a question gets put their way

    • Yes it was like he had already seen a list of questions and agreed to answering the questions he was fine with. It sounded like he had rehearsed his answers as there was no pause for thought after the question was asked.
      I may be wrong but that's what it sounded like.

    • Quite possible

      However politicians do the same and in many cases they have answered the same questions so many times, so they have a stock answers . The bit about asking drug companies to say how they come up with prices sounds good to the public but he knows pharma will never do it.

      The answer about how NICE calculating costs being transparent is true, It is clear how they do it and this is why pharma can adjust their data to help it come in at £30-35,000 per QALY, which they know is the cut off point for NICE approval. So the companies work NICE because of this transparency

      However, the question that needs to be addressed is the data that NICE use for this analysis. This is largely about the physical costs of the drug…the society and individual costs plays less importance if they did this more then then higher price drugs can become of value. However, as this is a rationing/cost cutting exercise this is not going to happen. If there were only cheap drugs NICE would need to exist:-).

      Furthermore the presentation was like a politician you may remember that in some cases he did not really answer the question but gave a slick answer. I guess I would do the same, its best if everyone has rose tinted glasses

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