MS Frontiers 2015

This is the biennial Science meeting 
on behalf of the MS Society in the UK.
This is held at Heathrow Airport. 

However, if you want to see what’s going on
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                                          The Debate: 
           Are Stem Cells the Next Frontier in MS treatment?
                            Prof Siddharthan Chandran, University of Edinburgh
                            Prof Gianvito Martino, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan
                            Prof Gavin Giovannoni, Barts andThe London School of Medicine and Dentistry
                            Prof Alasdair Coles, University of Cambridge

                        Will it be a Real Debate or a Love-In?

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  • I thInk you are jealous because you didn't get an invite – even Welsh mouse is appearing. I heard one of the organisers say that they "didn't want any rubbish EAE research discussed this year". On the positive side you can spend the afternoon in the pub and think how you will spend the millions you make from your antispasticty drug – will you still vote Labour (distribution of wealth and all that – according to one newspaper Tony Blair is worth £60 million). Anyway, enjoy your day in the lab and ignore Prof G and MD2 when they get back and start bragging about the great time they had.

    • Yes the stuff being presented by M2 is not rubbish. No-one wants to see rubbish (EAE) research just good (EAE) research;-0

      As to Millions they are spent already:-)

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