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Today I got a survey from RCUK (UK equivalent of NIH) and the Wellcome Trust about Public Engagement in Science and how we encourage researchers to do this……..

I said a carrot and a supportive Institution. At QMUL Public Engagement is one of the metrics that is considered along with our publications, grant income and teaching

One question asked was do you: Agree strongly, Agree, Disagree or Strongly disagree that public engagement should be done by professionals and journalists. What do you think?

My experience of getting information by journalists is often lies, damm lies and complete and utter nonsense and truth stretched a bit farther than it should. That’s why we get “cure of the week” every week, 

Today we hear that the NHS has no more cash problems

Do you believe that as Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary has given the NHS enough extra funding?

As we know there was a cross-party stitch up to insidiously privatize the NHS via the back door, coupled with a relative media backout. 

Now Mr Hunt wants to get tough on the staffing agencies ripping the NHS off….  I wonder…Reap what you sow?

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  • The NHS debacle is worse than the Fifa kickbacks! Would you believe that in AAN 2015 the UK NHS and not the American private healthcare was demonstrated to be more cost effective?!

  • The Tories intend to destroy the nhs to line pockets of the wealthy. They only care about capatilism. Lining the pockets of there rich private companies. They can all afford the best private health care so why do they care about the nhs

    • They are doing their best to destroy but it was a policy started by Mr Blair and Brown and even more stuff on the go

    • Maybe we should start a 'PBT' party 'politicians being truthful' party of 'DIY-BI' 'definitely in your-best interests' party?

    • My neurologist sent me for an MRI scan during the Blair years. After waiting six months I finally had from a private provider. Not only were they oblivious to the fact I had mobility problem, they were uncaring, the results were nowhere to be seen at my clinic appointment. I wrote to the imaging manager to complain. I've never heard of them since. If we don't as patients hold them to account inadequate care will go on. Just because it's private doesn't mean it is better.

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