ECTRIMS 2015…What will you look forward to hearing about.

The ECTRIMS 2015 programme is out.

What will interest you? Have a look

It is clearly going to be anti-CD20 that is the new news of the conference and they already have a satellite symposium.
The question is how good is it going to be?

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  • Thanks Mouse. As a recipient of Lemtrada (first dose 9 years ago) i'm always intereted in the Alemtuzumab follow-up study results. Also interested in repair – I see that the STREAMS trial is reporting some results. Also interested in ebv research – totaaly convinced thskt my glandular fever led to my MS. Are Prof Gs reporting anything about the Charcot Project?

    • They have one week to get it in the late breaking session. If it worked i think it would be there. However as profG down under overran his talk by so long last time im not so sure i would pit him on the prpgrame unless you have a chair of steel.:-)

  • From a purely selfish point of view, I'm interested in the ocrelizumab results and whether there are any indications about if they will be looking to get it approved as a first-line treatment in the UK.

    Also, any new research that helps to show factors that can impact likely disease course. With a wider variety of DMTs on offer for RRMS with the varying risk factors for induction or escalation options, if there is research that can help make that decision, I'd find that useful.

  • DefInitely Ocrelizumab and long term followup on Alemtuzumab. Good to see that research on interferons and copaxone appear to be on the decline. Can't see too much on neuroprotection and repair. Still not enough focus on cause. Annoying amount of psycho-babble research – a new tool to measure anxiety among MSers and carers…. Believe me, highly effective treatments for RRMSers to prevent then getting disabled / allow them to carry on normal lives will relieve anxiety.

  • AntiCD20 will be of interest. Anything on whether achieving NEDA is delivering better long term outcomes. Stem cell trials. Really time for some of the stem cell trials to start reporting results.

  • Dr.Mouse,
    at page 26 of the program they wrote:
    "Pilot baseline versus treatment clinical trial of the HIV drug raltegravir in patients with active relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis: the INSPIRE study – J. Gold"
    Do we have to wait until Ectrims to know more, or do you have some hints for us?

    • Do you have any hints…

      Wait until the abstracts appear and you may be wiser. However it has been selected as a poster…which means (a) the results are as dull as dish water or (b) the abstract was dull as dish water because it was produced a long time before the results came out because if the results were earth shattering and in the the abstract. Surely it would have a platform presentation unless (c) the reviewers were idiots and do not understand significance or anything other than MRI or anything that is not pharma.

      Now turn to page 44 and we have the results of ocreluzimab in Primary progressive MS…again a poster when the effect in RR MS has a platform presentation and a symposium….so should we expect the expected.

      However this reminds me of the BG-12 trial results presented at a past ECTRIMS… too was a poster and ended up with crowds 6 people deep trying to view the poster.

      P.S. It is not our data to spill and after last time at the AAN, where we took a beating for you the meeces jaws are firmly closed no matter how much you ask so please stop asking.

    • Mouse,

      It worked before – year's supply of Guinness, 94 packets of pork scratchings, and my signed Quo album. All you have to say is good (success) or bad (no success).

    • Once beaten, twice shy.

      P.S. The last time I went near a Status Quo album….it was being used for target practice with my brothers air-rifle:-). Sorry to disappoint

    • Last try: barrel of Yorkshire Bitter, skull cap, MD2 to wash your underpants for two weeks + I won't mention your D grade Biology 'o' level + one week's stay at Prof G's luxury Estate in South Africa. In return just a good or a bad.

    • MD2 has called a moratorium on this one there are some places you just won't go:-).
      As for the o level biology, you don't need O level biology to do a biology degree, chemistry and maths are more important.

  • Speaking to ProfG, he says about 30% of abstracts for ECTRIMS get rejected……

    This is rather sad, when you see who are presenting some of the posters.

    There are a number being presented by the MS medical mafia i.e. the neuros associated with clinical trials and I include ProfG here.

    Did the they write the abstract maybe not (I must ask him). Will they make the poster?..almost certainly not (I must ask him). Why say that because when you see the the posters they are all corporate and have the same colours and are made by the pharmaceutical companies poster makers. They are brought to the conference by pharma funded people. I know this is true and no
    I have not used this service but I know people who have. Will they stand by their posters….we'll see.

    Poor student who has done all the work, who would make the poster and would use having a poster presented as a means to get travel funds to go to ECTRIMS doesn't get their poster selected maybe because it says something the reviewer doesn't want to hear or is not interested in

    • I have two posters this year! My own work dare I say, and I do stand by them, often people drop by for a chit chat knowing where to find me. I've seen Prof G stand by his posters and once even at mine as I was unable to make it in person! I've always thought the money is in the posters and kudos for those who have been accepted. The poster sessions are like the Eurovision Song Contest; the stereotypes hold!

    • I'm now intrigued about these posters. Hopefully not too like Eurovision, as the UK has fat chance of winning. Any chance of seeing a selection?

    • Yes we'll post our groups posters on the day. I'm first on one and senior author on the second, only the first authors are listed!

  • Not seeing much on the clemastine fumarate trial over in California, either. Was hoping for a few more details. Results were supposed to be reported shortly after December, 2014, if memory serves. A shame, really. We could really use a good remeylinator.

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