Off Patent Bill Get your MP to support the Dialogue and Move this Bill forward

#MSResearch;#PoliticalSpeak: Offpatent drugs bill get your #MP to support it

Jonathan Peter Evans was a Welsh Conservative Party MP who had a private members bill that got nowhere because our lazy MPs could not be bothered to attend the readings. Now Nick Thomas-Symonds is Labour MP again from Wales tries the same thing.

The Off-patent Drugs Bill to Parliament last month


Reading of PMB:Off-Patent Drugs:6 Nov:please email your MP to back it

Contacting your MP

Get your MP to support this initative, it is not just about Cancer
Here are details of your MP

This is a Bill for everyone including the SNP (Scottish National Party). Remember Scotland is MS central in some places 1 in 170 females have MS or 1 in 350 people. If it only need 40 MPs for the debate you (SNP) have more than enough.

I write to you to urge your support for the “Off-patent Drugs Bill” to Parliament last month introduced by Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds when it gets its second reading on the 6th November 2015.

Last year a similar bill by Jonathan Peter Evans got nowhere due to the inactivity of members of the House of Commons

Please do not let this happen again.

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