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Thank you we will now allow the blog to continue to evolve? #MSBlog #MSResearch

“The response and results of yesterday’s survey on the evolution of the blog was very clear. More importantly the discussion was very useful. Apologies about getting byline and strapline confused. In fact both the byline and strapline refer to individual articles. Based on the comments and results of the survey we will be changing the strapline/byline to the following”

blog for people affected by multiple sclerosis
good, bad and other research news”

“The term affected captures all comers and we agree the main focus of the blog should remain news, research news.”

  1. 1.
    influenced or touched by an external factor.
    “affected areas”

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Prof G

Professor of Neurology, Barts & The London. MS & Preventive Neurology thinker, blogger, runner, vegetable gardener, husband, father, cook and wine & food lover.


  • Good news and I feel that is an appropriate strap line change.

    ( I still disagree that byline and strapline is interchangeable, particularly in this case where it pertains more to marketing:)).

    • Is this becoming paedantic and it is a pantyline:-) cause we know what we are talking about so the discussion is pants:-)

      ProfG wishes I would tow the partyline:-)

  • So it proves we listen and I was ringing the taxman yesterday offering them more tax to keep our mister Farage happy.
    Best wishes from another luvvie
    p.s. you need to read comments on other posts to understand:-)

  • Oh great, you chose MY proposal which is most fitting.

    I studied linguistics so have been trained in the 'right' use of a word/syntax to maximise an effect/make a point.

    So no coincidence just science :-))

  • And some other suggestions from me, the linguist to think about and optimise (gosh, now you've opened the Pandora 😉 But I'm trying to help you and us and it's about the very important first impressions to keep health professionals, families, companies, MS from clicking away.

    1. Can't you write Queen Mary Univ in the heading? Barts sounds a bit like Bart Simpson cos peeps outside the UK need to google Barts first (happened to me) – everthing academic gives you extra credibility and health professionals from non-anglo countries won't click away if they see QML cos it's a top brand.

    2. Put the award as best blog higher up right under Barts MS blog if possible cos it's a huge distinction given to a chosen few.

    3. It's very important to first time visitors to see WHO is running the blog (I did look first up who you were and just a second from clicking away never to return to Mouse and Bart and co. I found the scientists and most importantly the university emails (and since I studied in the UK I could verify at first glance that you are the real thing).

    So maybe instead of the button 'ABOUT' put something like 'SCIENTISTS INVOLVED' or ACADEMICS etc.

    Don't get me wrong cos I LOVE the cute nicknames really and I found it so lovely that I can talk to my meeces but imagine when a neuro prof from Cologne or Madrid comes here – KEEP the nicks for us MSer but it must be made clear somewhere on this site that you're hardcore professionals.
    Also keep the white knights and stuff cos it's funny and some fun must be among the reasearch.

    4. The unrelated comments section is too chaotic and too long – perhaps you could put a button for a 'cry baby corner' and keep the unrelated comments for general medical questions but no rants etc.


    PS. I might be back though 😉

    • Point 1. I think Barts (and the London) is a much stronger brand than QMUL. Now this may be heresy to our esteemed PR department but many in London even are unaware of QM's existence.
      2. It's a meaningless award, nice to have but no biggie.
      3. point taken. The aliases for some of us are to make it that bit more difficult to identify as we work in a contentious area (animal research).
      4. I'm not sure labelling anyone a a cry baby is helpful. Emotional lability is a well-recognised phenomenon in MS for example.

    • 1. Okay you must know better but can't you at least put the whole name as Barts Reasearch Centre or whatever the whole name is – it is better if it sounds academic imho.

      2. didn't know that

      3. as above

      4. cry baby was just to make my point – maybe something like private corner to vent etc. so it won't get mixed up with medical stuff but something peeps can go when they feel angre, sad, etc.

    • I too read linguistics as part of my first degree in anthropology, and I agree with some of your points but agree with MD as well, especially on labelling anything 🙂

    • Yeah, except that I did NOT want to label anything or anybody but chose, maybe unfortunately, a word that would describe a moment of feeling like crying or feeling the blues and thus needing a corner to express that, nothing more.

      As an MSer myself I feel like crying often but as often I feel strong and able to cope.

      So no offense intended.

    • Absolutely MD2, and Anonymous @ 1:41:00 p.m, I'm sorry if it felt like I was being critical of what you wrote. As McLuhan said "the medium is the message".

    • Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner, I've always known it as Barts. I love it's history and it's in my favourite part of London. Don't ever change it, next thing to go will be Henry V111 gate. Then I will jump into the Thames

    • Agree with Anon 7:41pm, Barts has a heritage – founded in 1123. Having said this, it doesn't receive the same kudos that Oxbridge (Oxford + Cambridge) and UCL receive. Having said this possession is nine tenths of the law.

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