Why Barts MS not Queen Mary

What should we be called? This is an ongoing cause of contention between Queen Mary University of London and its medical school Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.
                                 Why Barts MS

Queen Mary University of London (officially abbreviated to QMUL, informally known as QM) is a public research university located in East London, United Kingdom. With roots dating back to the founding of the London Hospital Medical College in 1785, Queen Mary College was admitted to the University of London in 1915, named after Mary of Teck, Queen of the United Kingdom.

Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry is now the medical and dental school of Queen Mary.The school was formed in 1995 by the merger of the London Hospital Medical College(the first school to be granted an official charter for medical teaching in 1785) and the Medical College of St Bartholomew’s Hospital (the oldest remaining hospital in the United Kingdom, having been founded in 1123 by Rahere (died 1144, and entombed in the nearby Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great). 

The Dissolution of the Monasteries did not affect the running of Barts as a hospital, but left it in a precarious position by removing its income. It was refounded by King Henry VIII in December 1546, on the signing of an agreement granting the hospital to the Corporation of London, which was reaffirmed by Letters Patent of January 1547 endowing it with properties and income entitlements. The hospital became legally styled as the “House of the Poore in West Smithfield in the suburbs of the City of London of Henry VIII’s Foundation”, although the title was never used by the general public. 

So Barts is not named after Bart Simpson but Barts – the oldest Medical Establishment in Europe and you don’t get better info for branding than that.

P.S. It also fools Google + as a name (Bart MSblog) so we can have blog email that works on Google+ BartsMSBlog@gmail.com….Mousedoctor is blocked bo-Ho:-)

                       Entrance to the Hospital through King Henry VIII gate built in 1752.

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  • I visited your museum, after meeting with you a few weeks ago, it was really interesting to see so many recognisable medical names there. I like how you can trace the history of a city or even country (and how it treats it's people) through focussing on a particular aspect (my next book does this, when I'm well enough again to continue writing it )and its interweaving with politics, philanthropy, poverty, religion, monarchy, class, feminism, literature and art, and even instrument-making (those scalpels were scary). The Bart's museum, although small, encompasses all of this.

    Stick with this name, it has a fine tradition and history. And far better known than QMUL.

    • American's don't get history. That's why they make the Bart Simpson confusions. That is why Cecil the Lion is no more.

    • For our American visitors (and there are many), please by assued that this opinion is the poster's own, so let's not get thrown off topic!
      Your friendly moderator.

    • Err, I'm reliant on the US audience for my history book sales. From my perspective, I've done better with US market than UK (and not just because it is a bigger country). So there 😛

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