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As you know, now and again we like to put on events for people with MS and their families and friends…… but every time we go to do this, we come back to the same problem of finding a suitable venue.

We’re looking at running more events (large and small) in and around London and need some new venues so please get in touch if you know of somewhere ( We’re open to any suggestions – art galleries, meeting rooms, event spaces, large cafes, studios, church halls…..cost isn’t too much of a restriction as we would apply for funding but the cheaper the better.

Requirements are:
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Near accessible tube or rail stations
  • At the very least one accessible toilet but more for larger spaces
  • Parking close by
A bonus would be venues that come with decent catering!

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  • MS Society ran an event at the Holiday Inn in Coram Street Bloomsbury.Disabled loos, lifts and good food. Close to Kings Cross, and and Euston Square, accessible underground stations. Good bus connections.
    No idea of cost.
    No idea about parking facilities in the area
    The MS society might be able to help you

  • I'd steer clear of anything near Euston or Kings Cross. Unless people can travel by public transport it is a nightmare. Go south and you are in the congestion Zone and Blue badges are useless as they can't be used south of Euston Road. Also, the Blue badge fraud is all around that area. There are very few drop off areas.

    • I agree a venue outside London should be considered, but you would think that a suitable venue would be available around the Olympic Park. I doubt it, I live in London and a lot of the hype disappeared when the athletes went home.

  • Thank you for your comments and suggestions. Happy to consider venues outside of London if you know of them……

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