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The QuDoS in MS Awards (click) – Recognising Quality in the Delivery of Services in Multiple Sclerosis is Pharaphorum initiative supported by the MS Trust and sponsored by a number of pharmaceutical companies.

These awards highlight innovation and excellence in MS management and service delivery and also recognise the valuable contribution of individuals and teams in improving the quality of life and experience of care for those with MS.

This is a United Kingdom Centred Award

Entry is open to:
• MS specialist nurses
• Other nurses working in MS
• Allied health professionals, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists
• Commissioners in CCGs or NHS
• Neurologists – specialist registrars and consultants
• Pharmacists
• GPs
• District nurses, practice nurses, community matrons
• Healthcare professionals working in the community, a hospital or primary care setting, a nursing or care home or a rehabilitation or palliative care setting.

As you can see MouseDoctors are ineligible, so no COI to make.

Also no fear that I’m kissin-butt:-) for votes, 

However, I suppose we all like a bit of back-patting every now and again and even better to know that someone appreciates/recognizes the extra mile you have made to help someone in your care. Maybe you can nominate someone or a Team that you think are great. 

Maybe the White Knights:-)

Award Categories
You will need to register your details before downloading an entry form. 
You may enter yourself and others as many categories as you wish.

  • Outstanding MS specialist nurse

This award celebrates the contribution of MS specialist nurses to the quality and experience of care for people affected by MS. It is open to any MS specialist nurse in the UK. The award recognises patient-centred practice, clinical excellence, leadership and commitment to the values of nursing.

  • Outstanding allied health professional working in MS

For any allied health professional who works with people affected by MS as part of their regular caseload. The award recognises patient-centred practice, clinical excellence, leadership and a commitment to multidisciplinary working.

  • Outstanding neurologist in MS treatment

For any specialist registrar or consultant neurologist. The award recognises commitment to developing and improving MS services, clinical excellence, promoting multidisciplinary working and active engagement in evidence-based practice.

  • Outstanding MS commissioner of the year

This award celebrates the value of engaged and visionary commissioning in improving services and outcomes for people affected by MS. The award is open to commissioners in CCGs or area teams. The award recognises clear understanding of the needs of people affected by MS within their community, creative approaches to engaging with people affected by MS and those delivering services, commitment to building consensus on commissioned outcomes and a person-centred approach.

  • Medicines optimisation – outstanding pharmacist in MS

This award highlights the growing role of pharmacists in supporting people affected by MS in making best use of prescribed medicines. The award recognises imaginative models to involve pharmacists in prescribing, dispensing and monitoring drug treatments for MS and also the role of pharmacists in improving the experience of care.

  • Multidisciplinary team of the year

This award celebrates multidisciplinary teams who work collaboratively to provide innovative, high quality and person-centred care. Teams must include a neurologist, nurse and allied health professional at minimum. The award recognises the use of skills, knowledge and expertise within a multidisciplinary team to deliver comprehensive, coordinated and easily accessible services to people affected by MS.

  • Outstanding MS service in primary care

This award highlights the crucial role that primary care plays in providing coordinated and effective services for people affected by MS. The award recognises effective and creative models for communication and information sharing, clinical excellence, collaboration with specialist services and commitment to improving the experience of care.

  • Innovation in practice – pathway redesign to promote seamless services between hospital and community

This award celebrates innovative approaches to pathway redesign to improve patient experience of key elements of MS services. This could include pathways for investigating symptoms which could be MS; acute deterioration of symptoms, such as in relapse; management of complex symptoms; or improving coordination between hospital and community services. The award recognises innovative approaches, co-production and evaluation of impact.

  • Information in practice – outstanding use of information and shared decision making in MS care

This award celebrates the importance of high quality information to support people affected by MS to make the choices that are right for them. The award is for any example of using information to support the process of making choices about aspects of care, for example, choice of disease-modifying or symptomatic treatment or advance care planning. The award recognises a coordinated approach to using information to support face-to-face care, clear and effective signposting and multidisciplinary engagement in shared decision making.

  • Evidence in practice – using audit, evaluation or research to improve user experience/outcomes of care

This award celebrates the application of evidence to improve clinical practice and the delivery of services. The award recognises a robust approach to gathering or selecting evidence, commitment to engaging the whole team in applying evidence to practice, and establishing a culture of evidence-driven service improvement.

Closing date for Nominations 9th September

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  • Shame MSers who are not medical professionals can't nominate I can think of two MS neurologists and one psychotherapist who I would of been happy to nominate.

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