Speed makes processing faster.

Morrow SA, Rosehart H. Effects of single dose mixed amphetamine salts – extended release on processing speed in multiple sclerosis: a double blind placebo controlled study.
Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2015 Aug. [Epub ahead of print]

RATIONALE:Multiple sclerosis (MS) commonly affects cognitive function, most frequently presenting as impaired processing speed (PS). There are currently no approved treatments for PS in this population, but previous studies suggest amphetamines may be beneficial.
OBJECTIVE: The objective of this study is to determine if mixed amphetamine salts, extended release (MAS-XR) has the potential to improve impaired PS in MS patients in a randomized controlled pre- and post-dose testing study.
METHODS:  Fifty-two MS patients demonstrating PS impairment on either the Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) or Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT) were randomized to a single dose of 5 mg MAS-XR (n = 18), 10 mg MAS-XR (n = 20), or placebo (n = 14). Subjects were evaluated a second time, after taking the blinded medication.
RESULTS: At baseline, the mean SDMT score was 43.3 ± 7.2 and the mean PASAT was 34.8 ± 13.4, with 47 (90.4 %) and 25 (48.1 %) categorized as impaired on the SDMT and PASAT, respectively. The change in SDMT scores from baseline to post-treatment demonstrated significant improvement for the MAS-XR 10-mg dose compared to placebo, increasing by 5.2 ± 4.5 vs. 0.6 ± 4.4 points (p = 0.043), with a medium effect size of 0.47. Change on the PASAT was not significantly different in either treatment group.
CONCLUSIONS: This study supports MAS-XR 10 mg as a potential treatment for MS patients with demonstrated PS impairment, warranting a larger longitudinal study.

Many years ago in my student days, I used to work in a bar and one of my work colleagues used to take Amphetamine. They talked a mile a minute and I used to watch them clean the bar, collect all the empty glasses and stock the shelves all night long as they could not stand still.  Fighter pilots can fly for along time without sleep after taking amphetamines. 

In this study there was an affect on processing activity,  surprise, surprise no wonder amphetamines are called “Speed”.

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  • But is it anything like caffeine, whereby it all goes well for a time, until there's a crash? Surely you cannot run on amphetamines indefinitely? Something has to give at some point?

    • Well it worked for Lemmy for decades, mind you he's looking a bit frail these days.
      Wonder what Modafinil would do as it doesn't seem to have the negative side-effects of amphetamine.

    • Not being a motorhead I don't know… but based on reports on internet

      "in small doses, amphetamines can banish tiredness and make the user feel alert and refreshed. However, the burst of energy comes at a price. A ‘speed crash’ always follows the high and may leave the person feeling nauseous, irritable, depressed and extremely exhausted".

    • Reading about amphetamines they can cause agitation, panic, delusions and anxiety. As they effect diet and sleep they give the immune system a battering. I've had relapses triggered by anxiety so I would not want to take them. Perhaps they could work for PPMS I don't know.

  • I do not suffer from fatigue but take either Ritalin or modafinil for performance. I work in high tech and compete with the best fresh grads, gets harder as one ages and my own kids keep me awake. My Ritalin comes as concerta, slow gradual release very gentle. Other days I take modafinil; if I can keep my mind marshaled it is very powerful. Or … Recently was about to focus on some code but I found two master combo locks in my desk. Took one apart, used the web and learnt how to crack the other, great fun for a few hours but was a little off topic.


    • I'm intersted in how Ritalin can effect MS. Reading about Ritalin it is a CNS stimulant and is not recommended for those suffering from motor tics (muscle twitches), severe anxiety, agitation or tension as can make these sympoms worse.

  • I started having problems shortly after the birth of my 5th child in 2014. I became tired and depressed. I felt as if my brain was dying. I started using speed in January of 2016. It brought me back to life.(I only used small amounts) I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2016. I didn't have any symptoms, it was discovered because of a head injury. I had trouble believing that anything was wrong with me. I stopped using speed about 3 months ago. I can feel myself getting worse. Most days I struggle to get out of bed and I can barely understand spoken word. I don't know what role the speed actually played but I do think it helped with the symptoms. As for sleep, I had no trouble. Being a mom, I was used to 4-5 hours of sleep. If I used it in the evening I would be up all night but when I used it late in the morning I was ready for bed by 10 pm.

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