Yoga is a form of exercise that is good for you

Hassanpour Dehkordi A.Influence of yoga and aerobics exercise on fatigue, pain and psychosocial status in patients withmultiple sclerosis: A Randomized Trial. J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2015 [Epub ahead of print]

BACKGROUND AND AIM:Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease involving brain and spinal cord. Weakness, cognitive impairment, pain, depression and fatigue, as common symptoms of MS, may significantly affect on general health of MS patients. This study aimed to investigate the influence of yoga and aerobic exercise on fatigue, pain, and psychosocial status among these patients.
METHODS:In a randomized clinical trial study on 90 patients whom were randomly assigned to three equal groups of yoga exercises, aerobics exercises, and control group. The exercise program was performed as three sessions per week for 12 weeks. The exercise program included 40 minutes, including 5-10 minutes for warm-up, 25-30 minutes of exercise (walking), and 5 minutes for cooling down. Yoga exercises were scheduled three sessions a week for 12 weeks as well.
RESULTS:There was no significant difference in fatigue, pain severity and psychological status among three groups prior to the study, but after the study, in yoga and exercise groups, fatigue physical function, physical and emotional role which patients play throughout daily life, social function, energy, mental status and overall hygiene increased, and the pain and fatigue were relieved in the patients.
CONCLUSION: Yoga and aerobics exercise could decrease some of the MS symptoms, therapeutic costs, hospital stay, and days lost from work as well as increasing the patients’ efficiency.

Yoga is a form of exercise that is good for you

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  • Is there any study publication made on weight training exercises for individuals with MS? I do not know if I looked right but not found, and of course there is the matter of spasticity that affects almost everyone but would like to read something about …

  • I too have come to the conclusion yoga is great for my MS. I can feel myself de-stressing as I do the yoga poses. It's also strengthening my back and core muscles.

  • MD I am interested in knowing more about the immomodulating effects of yoga and meditation.
    I am on Tecfidera and my lymphocyte count test results are:
    Dec 2014 2.1
    Began Tec Jan 2015
    April 2015 1.9
    July 2015 2.4
    I wondered if my rise in lymphocyte count (after the expected slight dip) could be connected to my twice daily routine of yoga and meditation. Too soon to tell anything I expect.

    • This is a small study about effects of Mindfulness meditation and CD4 + T lymphocytes in adults with HIV.
      Conclusion: These findings provide an initial indication that mindfulness meditation training can buffer CD4+ T lymphocyte declines in HIV-1 infected adults.
      Brain, Behavior, and Immunity
      Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2009, Pages 184–188
      Mindfulness meditation training effects on CD4+ T lymphocytes in HIV-1 infected adults: A small randomized controlled trial

      It would be interesting if a similar study was done of a few different types of meditation and yoga and MSers taking Tecfidera and/ or other DMT where lymphocyte levels are monitored.

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