ClinicSpeak: optic nerve involvement

Do you know if MS has affected your optic nerve? #ClinicSpeak #webEDSS #MSBlog

“When we officially launch our online EDSS calculator app (currently in beta testing) one of the questions it is going to ask you is whether or not your vision has been affected by MS. If you have had an episode of optic neuritis in the past the likelihood MS has left behind some damage and the likelihood is your visual testing will be abnormal. In the web EDSS App we encourage you to ask your neurologist if your neurological examination is normal or not. Why? Simply, because on the lower end of  the EDSS it is an impairment scale and requires a neurologist, or someone who is trained to do the neurological examination, to pick-up abnormal neurological signs. This is one of the reasons why the EDSS is such a poor scale.”

“Do you know if MS has affected your optic nerve or visual function?”

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