Surrounded by bricks


Wall to the left, wall to the right, wall behind and wall in front

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  • Mr Angry here. I thought we were done with the White Knights rubbish when cladribine was resubmitted last week. Please don't start another batch of pictures of Lego figure or images of Camelot or whatever else floats your boat when you are under the influence of your home made beer and a packet of mice droppings. I bet the mice doctors are looking forward to ECTRIMS 2015 when Big G heads off to Spain and they can do no work and out their fit up (no change there). I would shudder if MD was let loose on the streets of Barcelona – drunk overweight Brit in a Leeds Utd football shirt. Thankfully I've instructed the Border Agency to stop plus-size men with a pony tails and dodgy waist coats from leaving the country in October. Please no more silly cartoon pictures – this is supposed to be a serious Blog!

    • Oh come now, don't be so grumpy. There's plenty of grim, scientific, factual, intellectual stuff on this blog, and a little something outlandlishly amusing or abstract is welcome now and again in my opinion. It's not healthy to be serious all the time. And getting personal is not called for. Especially when the people running this blog are doing such important work to help people with MS.

    • Agreed – please pack away the personal attacks. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant for it to be funny. Unfortunately it wasn't, and nor was it particularly witty.

    • Oh Mr Angry lighten up………how you show red to a bull!….Luckily as I do not have any waistcoats, as I sit in the Ramblas enjoying a nice cold one………I'll be thinking of Danish bricks and castles, especially for you:-)

  • Frankly, both sides need to stop but the meesedoctors clearly enjoy baiting the sadsacks in the anon pool which is incredibly unprofessional. Get Slack at Barts already and quit posting the cryptoshite the general audience has no possible way of understanding.

    • Well normally we bin such comments but ocasionally we do respond in kind, which you may think is unprofessional but sometimes it just catches us in a salty mood. We're human too with all the associated flaws that being human entails.
      Sorry for any offence.

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