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Cannabis the Aspirin of the 21st Century?

Well they are both full of side effects,

However , understanding cannabis allows you to move away from the cannabis plant, with all its issues for recreational abuse, towards a pharmaceutical drug that has the benefits, but avoids the highs.

This is what we have hopefully done and if you want to try it, we would really appreciate your help, if you fit the bill..

Recruitment for our trial with VSN16R is now open and details can now be found on clinical


If are interested you need to get your GP/neuro to sign you up.

VSN16R is the sixteenth drug made by Cristina Visintin and is an R enatiomer compared to an S enantiomer (meaning a side chain can point forwards or backwards). 

We could have spent a few thousand Squid naming the trial and had a few cool names, but they told you how it works.

It works via a new mechanism. The trial is called

A Phase II Proof of Concept (PoC), Double-Blind, Randomised, Placebo-controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, Safety, and Pharmacokinetics of VSN16R for the Treatment of Spasticity in Subjects With Multiple Sclerosis. 

or the CANBEX trial.

CoI: We are founders and consultants for Canbex

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  • Many congratulations on getting the trial underway. Great to see basic research translated into the clinic, and a UK based research team taking an innovative approach to tackling such a troubling symptom.

    Fingers crossed for a positive result.

  • This is very good! I wanted to participate pity that I am so far … In the crowd to make it work and finally have a remedy to treat spasticity without many side effects …

  • Yes, well done indeed. A free round of drinks for all in the mouse house! Alas, as with Cinara, I'm half a world away, but with you in spirit!

    • If the phase II is a success then phase III will need a lot of people and then the next study will be more global. The phase II is only a month study for people in the trial

    • The initial centres running the trial are in London and include UCLH and Barts because we need to ensure there is nothing unexpected occurring in people with MS. Then there are plans to open up additional centres in Southern & alot of site in Northern England and Scotland.I will keep you updated as additional locations come on line and added to clinical

    • The main site is at the Institute of Neurology in Queen Square and their specialist spasticity team have got things underway. The first people with MS have now been treated with the drug and as they are still looking to recruit then I take it as a good sign that things are safe so far. Fingers and toes crossed

  • Do you talk to Dutch colleagues about ' bedrcan' drug which doctors in the Netherlands can prescribe? It is also cannabis derived. Jill

    • I even know the producers of bedrocan and am listening about it as I write. However this is simply cannabis.

      Our aim is to move away from the cannabis plant and the issues associated with recreational use and abuse and develop a pharmaceutical that harnesses the benefit that the cannabinoid system has to offer but lacks the side effect/psychoactive activity associated with cannabis.

  • Thanks for reply. There is mileage in exploring the body's cannabinoid system and harnessing this. Hopefully canbex will be acceptable to those who cannot dissociate cannabis from harmful effects seen in those who have abused it (taken too much, too often, too young). Jill

    • These are commercial decisions on which I have no influence on, but you need an evidence base for any target and if you target a mechanism involved in the pathology you have a chance of success.

      Time will tell

  • Do you know when AMN/ALD patients will be included in these VSN16R drug trials? As the most severe of the spastic paraplegic illnesses the sooner those affected get on the trials the better.

    • The first trial is on spasticity in pwMS. If successful hopefully it can be tested in other spastic conditions ASAP.

  • When might we hear if this trial is successful and whether those of us with severe spastic maladies might be included?

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