A Fairy with Dimmer or a Beacon of Light

We have been posting about some difficult problems?

Some eminent Neurologists seem to think it is OK to do nothing about brain health when you have agents that are of benefit

Neurologists Please read. Maintain Brain Health (click)

It also seems that it OK to give people headaches when their are alternatives that are again better for people in their care

It’s OK to ask from an atrumatic Needle (Click)

We have been asking why this appears so difficult and why do people stick their heads in the sand.

Dr.K said “More than knowledge is needed to make change happen”…..Humour and Bravado we wondered? 😉

One way is to read and assimilate new information but how do you see when your head is underground in the dark?

It is funny that a scientist once said to me that when you talk to a neurologist about a problem, at some point you can see the light come one when they get the concept.

Some see it quick but there are those that take time for the light to come on…They were got the name a 40watter

Maybe its this light that allows the person to see to get their heads out from under the sand.

However, it became apparent there were 10watters

Sadly it was thought that there was the occasional fairy lighter

But at the bottom of the pile we have the Fairylight with dimmer switch 🙂

What’s your Neurologist? 🙂

So as we have a congregation of Neurologists arriving at in Barcelona  next week…..will it be Christmas lights or  a light house?….or will I get a good kicking for this?

Hopefully they can read and change so Check out MS Brain Health: Time Matters. Released on 6 October 2015


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  • 40Watter (~me?): HAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA !

    10Watter: ?…………. Hahaha !

    Fairylighter: Haaahhhh !……………?

    Dimmerswitcher: ……………………………………?

    • EM Rogers? I think it's more like Fraggle Rock – how does it go "Dance your cares away, Worry's for another day"…

  • Not sure about mine. Whether he might be a depressingly dim eco-bulb that takes ages to warm up, then just pops.

  • Some are probably living their lives with blackout curtains left over from WW2 still in place………..

  • How many 'wait and see' neurologists does it take to change a light bulb?

    Am still working on a punchline. Suggestions?

    • Five. One to change the bulb and four to say how ace they are…..isn't this how the drummer jokes go with musicians:-)

    • The number of neurologists who refer to lesions as white spots on the brain 🙂


      One to assess and evidence the original bulb's level of function and energy output over a 12 month period (a new bulb may not be needed at all). One to carefully read the product characteristics of any potential new bulb, with consideration to Amazon reviews and recall rate. One to consider the cost effectiveness in comparison to available natural light. One to risk assess the procedure.

  • To make it clear this is not about anyone from Leitrim, I recall it to be a nice part of the old country. Perhaps someone, with talent, can fix this?

    There once was a neuro from Leitrim
    Who was terribly afraid to treat 'em
    All that he saw got the same dose of f-all
    And his patients all had a seat then.

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