A Plea for Scotland, Get you MPs off their bums and down to London

#PoliticSpeak: November the 6th after the Firworks don’t let the repurposing bill be a damp squib

Scotland has one of the highest incidences of MS in the World.

You have your own Government and NHS and you need to pay for expensive drugs for our citizens. 

However, if they weren’t so expensive maybe everyone including PPMSers and SPMSers would be on a DMT.

Soon after everyone could be on a Neuroprotective Drug and Everyone would be a Neurorepair drug.You say there are no Neuroprotective, repair drugs…but one suspects that there are. These are sat on shelves along with some DMTs….rotting. 

They are generic drugs. 

All we have to do is show they work and get them licensed.

How can you do this? By getting the Private Members Bill on drug repurposing into Law. 

The Multiple Sclerosis Select Committee seem a dead loss

The Jonathon Evans Bill only needed 40 MPs to get a second reading when it will be debated but of our 600 strong set of “lazy” MPs killed it off. Why…maybe some get bungs from the healthcare:-(.

Don’t let this happen again.  

Where is the media in generating public Interest?

History Shows that these Private members Bills usually go no where, but why not press the effort to get this issue properly debated in Parliament. This could be the start of something good.

There are 50 Scottish Nationalist MP’s with little interest of Westminister-based politics but this is a Scottish Issue

So please every reader in Scotland contact your MP and get them mobilised so they can put one in the English Tories Eyes. 

Join Labour in Wales and do something useful for the UK as a whole, which will also have real value for Scotland. 

You hold the capacity to turn something that may fail into something that will grab the News!

Get #SNP #MPs off their bums & down to London to support the #DrugsRepurposingBill. 

Now so you are not left out,  the rest of you should also contact you MP too and tell your friends to do the same. 

This is more than MS, this is the Nation’s Health….this is our NHS

A licence for some of these drugs would allow Doctors in the third world (e.g. England based on their current prescription of DMT…the UK is second to last in developed countries) to have the courage to prescribe.

One person has had a response from their MP

They said

“the Government is unlikely to support it, as the Health Secretary would then become a licensor of off-label medicines, which would result in conflict of interest: The Health Secretary would become an applicant in the medicines market, in addition to his role as overseer of the system”. “I don’t know if the Accelerated Access Review and the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill would do anything to mitigate failure of the Off-Patent Drugs Bill. All overly-complicated guff and gubbins to me, anyway”.

This highlights that the problem has not been thought about properly and this is the underlying thing we have seen time and time again from the establishment. No thought just dreamland, but if it is debated these pipedreams can be firmed up and problems can be identified and fixed.

Maybe they will say we can’t do it…but then we should say why bother with pointless clinical trials that create false hope and go no-where. Stop pretending?

Pharma are laughing at us because we are so clueless about what it takes to develop and sell a drug.

Pharma may say they are x% of our economy and so we should not do anything….. Do you roll over and take it. Are we a nation of mice or Lions, Dragons and Irish Beasties.


Contacting your MP

Get your MP to support this initative, it is not just about Cancer
Here are details of your MP



I write to you to urge your support for the “Off-patent Drugs Bill” to Parliament introduced by Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds, when it gets its second reading on the 6th November 2015. 

Last year a similar bill by Jonathan Peter Evans got nowhere due to the inactivity of members of the House of Commons. Please do not let this happen again.

If you will not vote and support this issue, I request that in your reply you give an valid reason, so that I can assess my support for you and whether your interests represent that of your constituents who require access to medicines that the NHS can afford.

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  • I'll be here hoping you succeed. If you certainly get the use of generic and cheaper and truly effective drugs will be the basis for other countries, and I speak well knowing the reality of a country "in development" …

  • MouseDoctor: Please, which drugs could be neuroprotective and neurorepair? Or, which drugs could be better candidates for neuroprotection and neurorepair trials?

    • we have loads of candidates based on lab work but evidence based medicine is what is needed so we need proof before the list appears

    • I suspect you will get a reply….my worry it is stock cut and paste answer and they sit on their bums and do nothing.

  • Waste of time, if you ask me.

    The nation voted Tory. The voice of the people is the voice of God.

    Britain is being flushed away.

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