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White knight second class

       Not long to wait now!

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  • Please no more teasing. Just post the details and get back to the lab. You've had your hols in Barcelona, now give us some good news.

  • As a medical doctor with MS who is writing up my PhD in human immunology I must say that this must be the best patient resource I have ever come acrosa for any disease! Thank you for your enthusiastic and balanced approach. It is brilliant to have an MS-dedicated resource that deals with REAL science, in a pragmatic and balanced way. Unfortunately the online world of MS is full quackery, pseudo-, and half-science. If only all people who suffer from other chronic diseases had a resource similar to this!

  • I am a true fan of this site. That being said, however, this post is obviously a tease, and it is unfair. This is especially problematic after repeated hypes are followed by disappointment after a hard look at the data. First Biotin and then Ocreluzimab. What's next?

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