ECTRIMS 2015 some presentations take neuros alot of work

We have had a previous post about poster presentations a ECTRIMS and how hard neuros have to work to get them presented:-). (sorry NDG:-)

It has been suggested that as a scientist, I have been a bit harsh. 

However, one has to say where is the evidence?

This year, corporate posters with heavy weight neuros as lead authors were readily apparent.

They were not branded on the whole . However it is good to see that neuros are working hard to write their posters…not. 

Due to rules, one has to say if there is a ghost writer, which there was in many cases so hard work for the neuros?

Neuros were also hard at work provding additional information…. not…or was it that nice lady with corporate duties.

Some nice person or persons could be seen putting up the posters made by other people and the supplementary material was supplied by other people. Then there was the card saying how to down-oad the poster!. I wonder if there was a similar bit of info in the toilets saying how to use other bits of paper, as neuros seem to need lots of advice:-)

Am I wrong?. Well these days they have to state if there is a ghost writer and here is an acknowledgement of one of the many papers it could be taken from..i.e. This poster was  made by somebody else. So does the lead authour really deserve to be lead author or should we just get rid of the pretense and say poster by pharma.

I understand that there are many presentations that are turned down because of lack of space at ECTRIMS. But pharma have massive stands and this type of work could easily be simply presented as an advertisement because they are just that are they not?

Maybe I am talking rubbish but where is the evidence?

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