Google Hangout from ECTRIMS next week


Next week we will be broadcasting a ‘MS Question Time’ Google Hangout from the ECTRIMS conference. MS Researchers will start the discussion with new information that has been presented either in platform presentations or in the poster sessions. There won’t be a quicker way to get the info!

How to get involved in the Question Time Hangouts:
You can either watch the Question Time Hangout on the Barts MS Blog google+ channel, on our You Tube channel or sign up and join the discussion. As this is a Hangout On Air, lots of people can watch the discussion but only 10 people at a time can join and ask questions. So again, if you would like to be invited and notified when the discussion starts, email us your details: Otherwise, if you have a question, just tweet us. 

You can view the conference programme here to see what’s going to be presented.

The hangout will be at 4pm (Barcelona Time) on Friday the 9th October for one hour.

Remember if you are in the hangout with a camera on you, you will be seen and so will whats in the background so think about this and avoid people who don’t want to be seen being in camera

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