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You have been waiting for news from the pit. ProfG will tell you that the Red Queen is alive and well and the stands at ECTRIMS2015 are a big as ever.

It is amazing that one company has built their advertising campaign around the concept of the 40watter.

A few days ago we wrote about the intellect of your neuros and the power of an electric light bulb. In the stand they test your knowledge before telling you their drug is great. However, I can hear Scottie shouting “Captain we do nee have the power” (This is for the (Star) trekkies) as you get the answer to the question wrong and your bulb dims to 10watts and god forbid a fairy.

However to lighten the load, Neuros are being entertained to 360 vision. 

You put you googles and earphones on and you enter the 3D virtual world of our subliminal drug advert. 

Maybe this is the treatment of the future…3D goggles, so rather than being stuck in your house you will be running through fields and swimming in a lake….lovely. 

Maybe you can have a trip into the pit at ECTRIMS. 

In it you can see the Ashley Madison for Neuros-ECTRISM2015 (see below) Stand:-).

However make sure you don’t see antibiotics, as one of the companies I saw wasn’t cleaning the googles between people.

Also when you stick your finger on the touch screen, think whose nose the last finger has seen:-(

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  • re "Also when you stick your finger on the touch screen, think whose nose the last finger has seen:-( "

    Grim. Is it true around 30% of the population has staph bacteria in the nose, (when bacteria are present, but not causing an infection)?

  • Perhaps the pharma companies could be encoraged to match the amount of money they spend on their lavish marketing stands and donate it to MS charities?
    Just a thought because when I've seen them before it's left me feeling nauseous.

  • Pharma could take all this money directed "the marketing" and invest in "research of efficient drugs," simple …

  • I was (sort of) wondering if the exhibit area were going to be over the top, once again. It seems pharma can't resist trying to be the center of attention in this competition for the neuros and it has now moved into the patient arena here in the US with the television advertisements for Tecfidera. More on that one later.

    • I've seen that advertisement.
      Not really a true capture of MS patients, especially with the current 'wait and see' approach before starting a DMT.
      The lady is hiking, then diving into a swimming pool.

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