Repurposing Bill

Time for Activity as the Repurposing Bill is soon to be given Prime time.

But still time to get your MP to do something useful

Will it get a debate or will it be binned?
Few Private members Bills make it and so be prepared for the worse… 

We should expect,  Pharma lobbying of Government to keep the playing field level and with many MPsappearing to take Pharma Bungs, this is likely to be scuppered 

Can we mobilize enough activity from our £70,000K Lazy-Assed MPs, who probably won’t turn up to vote next friday

Will Nicola Sturgeon send her band of merry Scottish MPs to London to create a shock get the Bill debated and so do something useful for Scotland or will they be a load of Kippers?

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  • MouseDoctor surely creating a parallel system for developing drugs, for example by repurposing, will actually reduce innovation and result in the pharmaceutical industry divesting from the UK? I think Prof G's post on this issue is very insightful. I think readers who are contacting their MPs need to consider the wider consequences of this bill for the health and wealth of the nation? Do we really want the UK to become a pariah nation?

    • So this is a good reason why we should keep selling arms to despots cos it oils a greasy cog. We are talking about peoples health.

      If there was a repurposing bill do you not think that pharma could turn it to their advantage of course they could.

      Next he will be arguing to keep all those quack clinics that you go to because you have no access to treatments because it is creating jobs and oiling the economy.

      Look at his conflicts he is hardly imparial, maybe he is worried that someone could actually repurpose some thing and MS pharma would be off. Once they have reaped what they can they will be off to pastuers ne this is what they do the accountants make sure of this.

      Wake up peoples the pharmaceutical industry has already divested from UK plc…Pfizer gone with all the jobs it creates, GSK moved to China, Novartis has shut some of its sites. If there were a repurposed drug pharma would adapt and make money and the economy would survive, this is the voice of the arrogant banker that we can not live without them. Maybe true but they need reigning in

    • Hi Mr PHARMA
      Unfortunately, the debate is dominated by a black + white scenario of either keeping the current system or lose the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. I don't buy this narrative. If the big money dries up in one sector because people with a disease are being treated effectively at reasonable cost, the industry will and has to move on, develop even better drugs for the same condition, develop neuroprotective drugs, focus on Parkinson's, stroke, dementia, etc. Isn't your argument like saying stop using polio vaccination because our domestic manufacturers of iron lungs will lose revenue, and employees their income? – I agree, it's much more complex, as outline in my comment here:

    • The status quo, isn't good enough, the current model is broken. Pharma can benefit from a change in legislation too. The UK would be held up as a shining example rather than a pariah.

    • Re: "Do we really want the UK to become a pariah nation?"

      We won't become a pariah nation; a repurposing bill will open up new pastures for Pharma. We have discussed repurposing many times on this blog under the umbrella term of the BPA (Big Pharma Alternative) and have also published an article on this that addresses the issues in some detail (see below). The best solution would be new legislation, similar to the orphan drug act, to create the necessary incentives and framework for repurposing. I personally think that with well thought-out repurposing legislation everyone could be winners; MSers need it and people with other diseases deserve it. Why should MSers be denied effective treatments simply because they are off-patent?

      Please read: Giovannoni G, Baker D, Schmierer K. The problem with repurposing: Is there really an alternative to Big Pharma for developing new drugs for multiple sclerosis? Mult Scler Relat Disord. 2015 Jan;4(1):3-5.

    • "surely creating a parallel system for developing drugs, for example by repurposing, will actually reduce innovation and result in the pharmaceutical industry divesting from the UK?"

      This is the same as what they said about the bankers: Oh, if they don't get their fat bonuses, they'll all leave, go east / west / wherever they can find a country to fleece.

      Good riddance to bad rubbish. Leaves the way clear for a fresher, fairer approach and those with talent who would give of their knowledge more for the joy of helping others than for stuffing their wallets.

    • Of course it will not reduce innovation partly because diseases, the most diverse possible, always will be! It is thought effective treatments, avcinas or cure for a disease, focuses on another … This conversation that "diminish innovation" is "fib to steer sleep" with the people say here in Brazil … There will always be any disease to be studied, viruses mutate all the time, bacteria become resistant, cancers arising in its various forms … I read a news story here in Brazil speaking for example on the issue of psoriasis and highly technological fixes emerging for the treatment of disease, such as Secuquinumab at Novartis. But the matter emphasized another side of the coin: sophisticated medicine but increasingly absurd prices, in which many of those who have the disease do not have the financial means to afford these treatments, let alone states. Then what happens? These patients continue to use drugs that are her "accessible", many never come to use so promising and expensive drugs of Big Pharma itself … Not want to discuss political or economic systems here in this space but the reality is this: 1 % of the population owns 50% of GNP on the planet. The world is still trying to rebuild the crisis of 2008. I'm not going too far: the Brazilian Unified Health System itself establishes the "staggering" for the use of certain medicine, not providing the doctor and the patient the decision of which medication to be used By this, all this on the grounds of "adverse side effects", however is unknown because of this, drugs becoming more expensive, the Brazilian state with the number of problems that already has will not be able to sustain patients with chronic diseases at exorbitant values… I put here an excerpt of said matter, it's about psoriasis but well reflate the situation faced by those who have MS and many other chronic diseases:
      "Most Brazilian patients will still receive conventional treatment, Biological are expensive Let's face it:. Take according to science decisions, but also with respect to cost," says Kristian Reich, professor of dermatology at the Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany. According to Marcos Bosi Ferraz, associate professor of economics and health management Unifesp, large investments in innovation oriented drugs for specific groups explain prices. "The introduction of new technologies is growing faster than the nation's enrichment. There is no health system that can withstand."

  • Love the graphic.

    My MP is the only Lib Dem left in Scotland, hopefully he will have listened and won't do the sit on the fence thing so typical of Lib Dems. The nationalist SNP MPs will act if it allows them to be reactionary and present an opposing, rebelious argument which helps raise the rabble. Negative, aggressive politics is (all) they do.

    • Okay, but a nationalist party is not to be encouraged. Nationalist ideology bases on an arrogance and an attitude of superiority and rightousness that, in the wrong hands / minds, leads on to very unsavoury things. I will never vote SNP, nor ask anything of any of their representatives. My MP may be a Lib Dem, poor lonely fellow, but he is not a nationalist, thank goodness.

    • I am not asking anyone to vote for a party i am asking people to vote for a debate on our nations health. If you want my opinion the bill is floored because it is not pro pharma we need to extend the orpham drug approach to repurposing. You do the study with your repurposed generic drug and you get market exclusivity with an agreement that you can increase price by x percent.
      This way only one trial is needed and you dont break the current system. However it needs debating so the problems will be aired

  • My MP replied to my email, "As many of the Westminster SNP Group as possible will aim to attend and vote in support of this Private Members Bill and we hope that the UK Government will then take it forward. ". So lets hope they deliver.

  • I've sent my MP 3 emails about this. He's had over a fortnight to reply. I queried that I'd had no response a week ago and was told how many emails he gets and how he looks at each personally etc etc. When I complained about flightpath noise over my house I got a reply within a week

    • I've really no idea what my MP does for a living. He certainly doesn't respond to emails. I live in London, so he's not spending a lot of time travelling to Westminster.

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