As you may be aware. Jeremy Hunt’s proposed contract changes have upset junior doctors

Barts Health made the Local News with the Youtube video of 85 Barts Health consultants take an NHSselfie

They missed one:-)

Have a safe Bonfire Night

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  • I support the junior doctors, but listening on Radio 4 breakfast news yesterday, Jeremy Hunt sounded so reasonable- where does he get his figures of only 1% of junior doctors being worse off- whereas the JD representative sounded like he had no arguments apart from the one that you can't have a meaningful discussion if the govt. will impose what they want anyway. Weasel words from practiced politicos will win out in the general public's view (you don't see a poor doctor; they earn loads later so a few years of low pay doesn't matter; let them leave the profession, there's always more caring people who'll take their jobs). JDs need to muster their arguments and challenge Jeremy Hunt's statistics and supposed safeguards.

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