Filibustered Patent Bill

Alistair Burt spoke for nearly half an hour to “filibuster” the proposed Off-Patent Drugs Bill, a plan that had cross-party support from backbenchers.

A filibuster is a parliamentary procedure where debate over a proposed piece of legislation is extended, allowing one or more members to delay or entirely prevent a vote on the proposal. It is sometimes referred to as talking out a bill or talking a bill to death

For those of you who want to watch it (I guess in UK). 

However there was cross-party support and apparently 13 of  SNP MPs  came down to London to see the Christmas Lights they could not embaress the Government as they didn’t get a chance to vote:-).
However was there enough people there anyway?

So the charities need to be strategic  and have a rethink and then get 100,000 signatures to make Parliment debate this issue properly.

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  • A filibuster is anti-democratic; blocking the democratic process by using an archaic parliamentary procedure is simply wrong.

    • Not to mention the most undemocratic action perpetrated by the oldest parliament in the world.

      It's stuff like this that makes me believe that Britain is headed in the worst direction imaginable. It's alright for that cretin of an imbecile, Phil Davies MP, to vote against carers receiving free parking at hospitals, yet he claimed all of his parking charges on expenses paid for by us.

      We need to be more French.

    • "Not to mention the most undemocratic action perpetrated by the oldest parliament in the world." I didn't realise that it was done by the Isle of Man parliament , or that in Iceland. Perhaps you need to replace "oldest" with "most self serving".

    • Dr Dre I believe free parking for carers is a separate issue. This was to allow carers free parking when visiting patients in hospital. There isn't enough parking for patients that need to go to appointments. Free parking has been abused for years.
      I've had so many carers grab my disabled parking space using their friend or relative's blue badge, it happened last week. If I can't find a space I have to go home.

    • Leave Dr. Dre alone! He is a god amongst men. No wonder he disappears for ages when everyone picks holes in everything he says.

    • I'm in no way picking holes in what Dr Dre says. I'm just pointing out that car parking is a huge problem for the sick in the UK and it would only make it worse. I don't make personal attacks on this blog.

  • MPs should declare conflict of interest just like researchers do.
    Maybe then we will know which pharma company lined his pockets

    • The late Max Faulkner did dig up this information back in Feb 2014 and this is what he found:

      "Meanwhile, the 75 MPs with apparent direct financial entanglement in the private health care industry makes a mockery of what is left of Parliamentary democracy, amidst the dark mutterings of harmonization, and ever closer union. Lansley’s wife (Sally Low) runs a company (Lowassociates) whose stated selling point is ‘the connection between the public and private sectors’. The politics of chutzpah doesn't work if people know about it. "

    • I think this is the way but some thought needs to made about the right question and then every one should get behind this

  • I wonder if the filibusterer, Alistair Birt understands the full implication of wht he did and its effect upon other people. How many of the people in his constituency suffer from a medical condition that could be cured or its effects significantly reduced by an off-patent drug?

    Nothing is as simple as it initally appears. Filibustering in this case was short sighted and displayed a lack of empathy with the real world.

    How is the momentum put back into this private membefs bill?

    • The department of Health was against this maybe big business had a hand, they argue it is not needed and so Birt was being a lap dog and ensuring it failed

  • Alistair Birt represents NE Bedfordshire. Are their any MSers reading the blog in his constituency? Have they complained to him or written to the local paper- whatever it is- to point out the disservice he is doing to local residents? I've emailed my MP 4 times and have yet to get a reply, only that he reads all his emails, how busy he is etc etc. I think he's a rising star in line for the Con. leadership after DC goes so maybe he doesn't want to rock the boat?

  • Also I tried to find the letter to send to your MP on the MS Society website and when I click on the link it says 'campaign closed'. What about the adjourned debate?

    • Thank you MD- I really believed the debate on the bill had been adjourned until December. It is absolutely shocking of Alistair Birt- he states that he will speak until 2.30 no matter what. He could tell that the House was really against him but kept on and on just to defeat the Bill. A real slap in the face for for democracy

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